Thursday, March 14, 2013

Accessories for the Hyperstar lens

One problem with the Hyperstar lens is that I can't put the dew cap back on the scope. This makes it harder to take darks, but also for closing it when I'm not using it. I looked around and found solutions for both:

1. A "dark" filter
This is basically a solid 1.25" filter that can be inserted into the filter wheel or the filter drawer. And then I can take darks. That is actually even easier then putting the dust cap on.
This filter will help with taking darks in general. Especially for the @focus routine from TheSkyX, which requires 2 darks to be taken per focus run. And since build 6582, I can name this filter "!Shutter!" and TheSkyX will use this filter automatically to take darks!
Although TheSkyX should actually be able to use the internal shutter of my H694 camera to take darks. But there are several threads on the Software Bisque forum where users report issues with that...

2. An aluminum dew shield with a dust cap
That will not only protect the scope from dust, but also protect the hyperstar lens that's now connected to the corrector plate - I'm still nervous about that. Hopefully, I can still exchange filter drawers with this dew shield in place.

The latter might also be helpful when need to take flats for the hyperstar lens with the flat panel. Although I'm pretty sure that the flat panel will be way too bright for the hyperstar lens. I ordered a 12 Volt dimmer, so that I can adjust the brightness.