Sunday, October 6, 2013

CalStar - 3rd night

After last night, I had high hopes to make good progress on imaging. First to finish imaging the Fireworks Galaxy. And then start imaging the Trifid of the North.

Setup went well. Starting taking the remaining images of the Fireworks Galaxy. Then I woke up in time to check if SGPro started imaging the Trifid. Looked good. Went to bed.

Next morning, I checked the images. Fireworks looked good. Luminance of Trifid looked good:

But the RGB all looked like this:

I guess, the battery that powered the imaging equipment and the laptop wasn't fully charged and the camera or the USB hub dropped pixels.

After something major went bad every night, I decided to call it quits and not stay for a fourth night. Also, I was really yearning for a warm bed!