Monday, February 17, 2014

Showing the PHD graph in SGPro

SGPro has a useful feature where it shows the PHD guiding graph. That way, I don't have to switch between the two. But ever since the update to PHD2, the graph didn't update anymore.

Somebody asked on the mainsequencesoftware mailing list about this. The recommendation was to remove all existing log files as SGPro might pick up the wrong one. I did that, but now SGPro showed an error message: 

"No PHD Log is available. Is logging enabled in PHD?"

I asked on the same thread about this and the fix is to use Documents\PHD2 as the log folder. I did that, and now the graph shows up again. One thing that was left was that PHD2 expected the darks still in the Documents\PHD folder. But after copying the darks to the Documents\PHD2 folder and loading them once from there, PHD now remembers and uses this path. Problem solved!