Wednesday, April 2, 2014

NGC 2327 - The Parrot Nebula

This was a tricky object as it was very low and it passes behind our neighbors large tree. I could only image it for 2-3 hours per night.
(click on image for more detail)

This nebula is part of a larger region known as the Seagull Nebula. It's an HII region and emission nebula with an embedded star - HD 53367 - wich ionizes it. HD 53367 is a young 20 solar mass star with a 5 solar mass companion in a highly elliptical orbit.It's at a distance of 3750 lightyears from earth and has a diameter of ~100 lightyears.

This image consists of 2h 10 min Ha data and 6h 20 min OIII and SII data (overall almost 16 hours!) I would like to image this object again with a camera with a larger view. The Parrot Nebula itself contains very little OIII (blue) data. But you can see in the upper left corner, that the larger Seagull Nebula contains more.

This is the first image that I processed with Pixinsight.