Saturday, March 29, 2014

Testing a new chip!

The guys at FLI tested my 11002 camera and could not fix it. The vertical stripes seemed to be inherent to the chip :-(

Although, I found ways to correct for the stripes, I'd prefer a camera that doesn't have any artifacts. After a little bit of research, I decided on the 16070 chip (also from Kodak). Greg at FLI was a little bit concerned that this chip would have similar artifacts (apparently both chips have a very similar architecture). But he offered to lend me a camera with that chip, so that I can try it out.

It arrived yesterday - and so did the rain :-( So, I started my evaluation just with flats. With the 11002 chip, I could see the vertical strips pretty clear at shorter exposures:

0.001 sec:

0.01 sec:

0.1 sec:

1 sec:

10 sec:

Well, so far so good. Now I have to wait for clear skies to take some real images.