Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lunar Eclipse October/2014

This time, I took images with my Nikon camera through the Telescope to get a better resolution. Here are the highlights of the night:

A composite of the different phases over our trees.

A stacked and improved image during (almost) maximum.

And a video of the entire eclipse:

A couple of lessons learned:

  • I have to figure out how to track the moon better. I though that the Mach1 mount would track the moon when I center it on the moon, but it was still tracking the stars. Had to do a lot of recentering - which resulted in these jumps.
  • At the absolute maximum, ControlMyNikon failed! I had to restart the laptop to reconnect it and shoot. I should try to use DSLR Stacker (which I could if tracking would be better)
  • I was surprised how much darker the moon is during the eclipse. Before the eclipse, I had to shoot with ISO100 and 1/100 sec exposure time. At the maximum of the eclipse, I went to ISO2500 and 1 sec exposure time!!! You can see how much I was off sometimes in the video.
Processing these images was SOOOOO different from regular deep space object processing.

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