Sunday, December 21, 2014

M82 reprocessed

For my 2014 movie, I wanted to reprocess my image of SN2014J in M82. The image that I had was really noisy:

But when I took the image, I too many more images - in different exposure times (I wanted to try out of the readout noise of the H694 camera is really low and wanted to compare similar overall exposure times between many short exposures and fewer longer exposures). I had the following stacks:

From 30 sec exposures:
Luminance: 1020 sec + 1380 sec (from two different days)
Red: 1800 sec
Green: 1800 sec
Blue: 1960 sec

From 7.5 sec exposures:
Luminance: 4800 sec
Red: 3600 sec
Green: 3600 sec
Blue: 2700 sec

I combined them by using the overall and individual exposure time as weights (e.g. the Red 1800 sec exposure got a 1800/5400=1/3 weight, the Red 3600 sec exposure got a 2/3 weight). After combining them, I need to adjust the colors as the different colors had different exposures (and of course because I have a very strong red tilt because of our light pollution). I used Pixinsights ColorCalibration process and then process as normal. This was the result:

Quite the improvement!!!

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