Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First star trail image

During our vacation to Maripose, CA (near Yosemite) I tried my first star trail image:

I used a great tutorial that I found on the web. I took images for 4 hours (30 second each) and then processed them as described in the tutorial. A couple of learnings:
  • you don't really import the images in Adobe Bridge, you just navigate to the folder
  • when editing the photos, choose "Raw photo editor" - that doesn't load Photoshop but just the editor
  • press "Done" not "Save" when done!
  • import all the images to photoshop as layers takes 5+ hours!!!
  • flattening the layers takes another 5+ hours!!!
  • I tried to save first (before flattening) but that takes hours too (and might fail as the file gets too big)!
  • my first try was way too bright:

     the combined image will get significantly brighter because you use the brightest pixels from each image.
Overall, I'm quite happy. Should do these more often when I'm at dark sites.

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