Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DEC axis unresponsive!!!

My nice, new MyT mount suddenly stopped slewing. First, I had a couple of "mount can't slew" warnings. I thought that I exceeded limits. But then the DEC axis completely stopped working. Rebooted the mount. Restarted TSX. Rebooted computer... Nothing

posted on bisque forum, but didn't get any good replies.

Checked all cables and connections ... Nothing.

Finally, contacted a friend who got me in touch with Daniel Bisque. We finally figured out that the DEC axis can't even initialize (the DEC led doesn't stop blinking at startup). Checked the driver, the cables again ... Nothing.

Tried everything with clutches off to make sure that nothing is stuck ... Nothing.

So, we decided to exchange the MTS 5000 board. Sent mine in...

August 30
... got a new one back. Installed ... Nothing.

Tried to read the DEC index - didn't work either.

The next guess was that it might be the cable itself.

Sep 14
Received a new cable. Installed ... Nothing.

Tried everything again (initializing, reading DEC index ...) ... Nothing

Oct 2
Next guess was that it was the motor / worm block. I received a new one.

Connected it (without installing it in the mount) to the board. Started. SUCCESS!!! Both RA and DEC initialized.

Next, I installed the new worm assembly and connected it. Still works.

Next, adjusted the Cam Stop - couldn't find exact value for MyT. Screwed the screw in until it hit the plate and then backed it off a little. Could still easily move the mount when disengaging the worm gear.

Next, set the Motor Index Angles.

Next, wanted to "excercise the mount" - did not work. Mount doesn't move and the RA and DEC lights blink and beep.

Maybe the mount needs to be better balanced. Attached the counterweight shaft - still the same result.

Tried to home the mount first - same result.

Tried to slew the mount with the handset - same result.

Next, I mounted the scope and the counterweights to get really good balance - same result.

Well, closer but no cigar. Mailed Bisque again ...

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