Saturday, December 10, 2016

PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller for Lunt Scope

In addition to focusing, I also want to control the pressure tuner from the computer. Luckily, Lunt offers the PC-USB Pressure Tuner Controller. I ordered it and after a few weeks it arrived.

It consists of:
  1. AC/DC adapter (15V)
  2. Air Pipe
  3. Large and Small O-rings
  4. New cover cap (with a hole in the middle)
  5. A different Piston
  6. A USB stick with the software
  7. Instruction sheet
  8. The PC-USB unit
Most notably absent were proper installation instructions ...

1. Unscrew the pressure tuner
2. Unscrew the cover cap
3. Take the little screw out and remove the piston. I found that it was easiest by putting the pressure tuner on a paper towel as the piston inside was very greasy:
4. Now insert the new piston
5. And now insert the new screw (with a hole in it) and tighten the piston

6. Finally put the new cover cap (also with a hole) on it:
and put the pressure tuner on the scope again (tighten it all the way)

Now, we connect the pressure tuner with the air pipe to the PC-USB unit

Powering on the PC-USB unit shows:

And once done, we can set a target pressure and the unit will adjust accordingly (you can hear the pump in the unit working!) It usually sets the pressure slightly higher and once the pressure drops, it will increase it again to stay around the target value.


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