Monday, February 6, 2017

Guiding failures - every night!!!

In the past, I have seen (every couple of months) an error like:

02:01:45.323 00.000 5728 invoke imageready:
(ASCOM.SXCamera) Unable to complete get_ImageReady request due to previous error

during my imaging sessions. After that every image capture fails in PHD2.

Suddenly, I see these errors every night - sometimes after a few minutes after a few hours.

As I didn't make any software changes, I first thought about a hardware issue:
  • Replaced the USB cable
  • Switched the Lodestar X2 for my older Lodestar guider
Without any improvements.

I then
  • Updated PHD2 to the latest version
  • Updated the StarlightXpress driver to the latest version
  • Reverted SGPro back to the last working version
With the same results.

Finally posted in the PHD2 forum for help. I also asked Richard and the others. Everybody points to the USB connection (cable, Hub...) I tried
  • Using a different cable
  • Connecting the guider directly to the computer
  • Using a different hub
... always with the same results.

Somebody on the PHD2 mailing list mentioned that it might have something to do with the temperature. Not that it's REALLY cold here, but it does get below freezing.

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