Sunday, August 27, 2017

No Temperature reading from secondary FLI focuser port (flifoc1)

Last night, I took narrowband images of Cederblad 214 to augment my LRGB images that I took at OSP. This morning I was surprised that most of them were badly out of focus. On further inspection, I noticed, that SGPro never refocused. The only time it did was when it changed from the Ha filter to the OIII filter.

.. I checked the autofocus settings and was surprised that the temperature-based option was greyed out ...

... then I realized that the focuser did not report any temperature reading at all ...

... then I remembered that the camera disconnected last night and I had to reconnect through the secondary FLI port.

And, yes, that was the reason: when using the focuser through the secondary FLI port (flifoc1), there is no temperature reading - only on the primary one (flifoc0).

Learnt something - and I have to throw away most of the Ha images (the OIII images were taken after 3:40am when the temperature was much more stable).

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