Saturday, October 21, 2017

Installing a double stack module on my Lunt solar telescope

With the hope of even more contrast, I ordered the Double Stack Module for my Lunt scope. I actually received it a few weeks ago, but decided not to change my equipment before the eclipse in August.

Today, was a very clear day and I thought I'll install it.

Here is a picture of the scope plus the Double Stack Module (plus instructions):

Installation was fairly straight forward:

1. Remove the rear part right after the red tuner:

2. Next, attach the Double Stack Module to the pressure tuner:

 (I first didn't understand that the red pressure tuner stays in place - I thought that the Double Stack Module will replace it).

3. And finally attach the focuser extenstion tube to the Double Stack Module:

That was (almost) it!!!

When I use the eyepiece, I could use the instructions like a charm:

  1. Refocus
  2. Now, the image looked quite dim
  3. Turning the PT cylinder on the Double Stack Module until the image is bright
  4. Now, tune the Single Stack Tuner as usual
  5. And finally, tune the Double Stack Module until maximum contrast.
Visually, I "think" I could see a difference, but wasn't sure. So, I popped in my Grasshopper camera to take images to compare.

... but now I could not focus anymore !!!

Turns out I skipped one part of the instructions: "Make sure you remove the black extension piece from the focuser prior to installation" (to make me feel better, I am apparently not the only one who forgot that...) Well, that makes sense, the Double Stack Module moved the whole focuser extension back. So, I remove the extension piece...

... and voila! Now, I could focus again!!!

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