Sunday, December 2, 2012

Alignment through the camera

Tonight, I wanted to try out the Astrophysics CCD compressor. I aligned the scope. But when I then started PHD, it could not guide the scope well. Just after a few seconds, the guide start went far out.
So, I decided to align from scratch. But I did not want to take the camera off and such, so I did the whole alignment with the Live View from the Nikon camera. THAT TURNED OUT TO MAKE THIS WHOLE PROCESS INSANELY EASY!!!

  • I can use the whole sensor for a wide field of view and then zoom in to get the star in the middle
  • No crazy gymnastics to look through the eyepiece
  • Much easier to use the remote control while looking on the computer screen
What would be superhelpful is to have a reticle on the life view.

Alignment was superaccurate, so I'll try to do this all the time now.