Sunday, June 23, 2013

Working on my cables

With all the additional equipment, my once so neat cabling became quite the mess. Furthermore, the cables could come between the scope and the mount and impact guiding:

When looking for a USB cable, I found they have USB cables in all lengths AND in all angles (up, down, left, right). And for very special needs, there is the custom design tool from (but also pretty pricey).

For the serial cable and the dew shield cables, I bought right angle adapters.

Also, the cable bulk in the front of my scope from the robofocus rj11 to serial cable to the serial to USB cable needs to be significantly reduced. I shortened both cables (after ordering a second cable in case I would screw it up).

Next, both the Robofocus control box as the Dew Shield control box are only fixed with velcro and could shift a little. I fixed both of them with the double-sided 3M tape and now they are rocksolid on the plate and the mount.

Now, the scope looks like this:

All neat and tight and no cable can get stuck at the mount or such.

Finally, I replaced my cheap serial to USB adapters with new ones who retain their com port - even when moved to a different USB port. Yei! No port reassignments for the focuser and scope anymore!!