Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to the SX H694

So, after much trying and experimenting, I finally sent my ML 11002 camera back to FLI - they want to take a look and hopefully adjust it to avoid those vertical stripes.

For me, that means going back to the SX H694 camera. Had to:

  • Set the operating temperature to -10 (had it set to -20 for the FLI camera)
  • Redo the Flat calibration for the flip-flat
  • Set readout noise and gain
  • Set pixel size and chip dimensions
The good thing is that I can use the Super Reducer without any problems - the distortion was only in the out regions of the much larger 11002 chip. The smaller H694 chips doesn't show any curvature or such.

Trying to image some smaller nebula and also M82 with its supernova.