Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rosette Nebula in Narrowband

I used the same workflow that I used yesterday for the Tadpole Nebula to add OIII and SII data to my Ha Rosette image:
The Rosette Nebula is an emission nebula with a diameter of 130 light years. The gravitational forces on the inside are so strong that they pull gas from the nebula into the center where they form stars. These stars excite the atoms of the nebula itself which makes them emit light. The distance from earth to the nebula is 5,200 light years.

This is a 19hour exposure composed of 20xHa, 19xOIII and 19xSII (each 20 minutes).


I played more with the coloring. First I used the workflow from Bob Franke to enhance the colors:

Then I used Richard Crisp's Synthetic Coloring:

I think I prefer the first one.