Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Better Dew Control with DewBuster

I could never completely get rid of my dew problem (I often had some condensation in the morning). Which over time led to a buildup of gook on my front lens:

First, I wanted to make sure that I won't get dew anymore. I decided to go with the DewBuster. First, I considered the Kendrick DigiFire controller. But then I felt that it was overkill to control the dew controller through the computer (plus the dewbuster is significantly cheaper). It took me a little to configure the dewbuster, I finally decided to go with:

  • two dew controllers (one for the main scope, one for the guider scope)
  • 4 12V outlets (this would allow me to get rid of my small Anderson distributor)
Unfortunately, the dewbuster does not come with Anderson connectors but only with RCA connectors.

After a little over a month, the dewbuster was delivered. Installation was easy. I only needed to order RCA connectors for the cables. I put them on the power cables on my scope:

On the lens, you just clip the temperature sensor under the dew strip and let the other sensor dangling in the air:

Over the next nights, I played with the temperature - the best results were with 5 degrees (as recommended by Ron Keating :-)

This should do the trick - and no more dew buildup!!!

... which means, I can finally clean my front lens!!!

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