Saturday, August 27, 2016

Night Skies of the Pacific Northwest Tour

I joined the Night Skies of the Pacific Northwest tour with Dave Morrow. And to make it worth the drive up there, I took my telescope with me to stay 3 nights at Likely Place in Northern California on my way back (yei to power onsite and not having to carry around batteries and solar panels!!!)

First, I had to drive up there. On Friday, I went to Redding and the next day to Olympia in Washington. I'm always amazed about the diversity of the land and how empty it is once you leave the urban areas.

Leaving the bay area (bay bridge)

Northern California somewhere between the bay area and Redding.

Southern Oregon
Crossing the Columbia river from Oregon to Washington
Sunset near Olympia, Washington

Continue on 1st night: Mt. Hood

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