Thursday, September 1, 2016

4th Night: Crater Lake take two

Pretty much all of Washington and Oregon was under clouds - except Crater Lake. So we stayed another night and took images from the west rim. But first, I spend the day driving around the lake, stopping here and there and taking images of the beautiful area.
Crater Lake with Wizard Island
Phantom Ship in Crater Lake
East Rim of Crater Lake with Pumice Castle
Devil's Backbone

First, we were treated (again) to a five start sunset (thanks to wildfires!!!) And again: this is just a small selection of all the beautiful images that I took.

Then we stayed there and took Milky Way images. Unfortunately it got very cloudy and VERY windy and cold. We spent most of our time in the cars and only hopped out when the sky cleared up.

I took another Milky Way image:

and a star trail:
Startrails over Crater Lake
I then stayed in that spot and set my alarm clock to 2am to take another sunrise timelapse. But when I got up at 2, I couldn't even see the lake - we were completely fogged in! Out of desperation I set my alarm clock to 4am - and when I woke up the sky was completely clear!!! And it was soooooooooooo cold! Initially I wanted to setup my slider and everything. But I just put my camera on the tripod, connected it to the tablet and intervallometer, started everything and hopped back into the car.
An amazing result!!!!! (though I wished I had let the camera run for a little bit longer until the sun is completely in the crater):

Continue on 5th night: around Crater Lake (or if you are interested: Processing Star Trails)

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