Sunday, September 4, 2016

Should I stay or should I go?

The first two nights at Likely haven't been great at all. Both nights had clouds, the first night I could get at least 2 hours of imaging in. The second night only 30 minutes. And it even rained at the end of the night.

I thought about packing up, but checked all kinds of weather channels:
Android Weather
One says clear now, some clouds from 3pm - 7pm
One says clear all day and night (and it's destintively not clear right now!)
One says clear from 5pm.

??? What to do ???

5:15PM: I decided to stay. And the clouds seem to get thinner!!!

... and it totally paid off: one of the best nights ever!!! Clear skies, no clouds, and pretty much everything went well with the equipment. I could finish my image of IC 1318. The Baby Eagle image needs some more data (lots of noise in the background but also in the nebula itself):

But I took an ultra-wide angle of the Cepheus region with my Polarie:

I should really get my camera modifies - or buy a second without the IR filter. This region has A LOT of nebulosity but you need to look very carefully to see it :-(

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