Saturday, December 2, 2017

Incomplete Slews with the 10MIcron mount

When using the 10Micron mount, I noticed that slews seem to be very inaccurate (with or without a model or alignment). Upon further analysis, it turns out that all slews are incomplete.

E.g. starting the mount from it's park position (RA 1h20min, DEC 89° 32') to Neptune (RA 22h 53min, DEC -8° 6')

Park1h 20min89° 32'
1. Slew23h 42min25° 54'

2. Slew23h 11min3° 55'

3. Slew23h 1min-3° 34'

4. Slew22h 57min-6° 11'

5. Slew22h 54min-7° 37'

Neptune22h 53min-8° 6'

I.e. the mount gets closer (each time about 66%) but never reaches. Initially I thought that this would be some timeout issue, but then the mount would slew the same amount each time. But that's not the case. This happens when using the keypad, the virtual keypad, software (TSX or SGPro) or through the API (e.g. from ModelCreator). It also happens both with the 12V power supply and the 110V power supply.

No idea what this is - and I also asked on the 10Micron forum.


Update: It turned out to be caused by the other problem that I had (that the control box thought my mount is a GM 2000HPS). Once that was fixed, this issue was gone. Yei!

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