Sunday, December 17, 2017

Replacing the focuser on the RH200

First, I need to replace that stock focuser of the RH200 with the FLI Atlas focuser (even Officina Stellare recommends to use the Atlas over their own focuser ...)
Here is the scope before doing anything:
First, we have to remove the four tip-tilt screws:
To take of the entire backplate with the focuser attached:
Then remove the four screws on the inside that hold the focuser in place:
I struggled to remove the long screw that the focuser is running up and down on:
... until I realized that it had a tiny set screw on the focuser knob that had to be loosened first:
Now it was easy to remove the whole focuser
Attach the focuser to the plate and put the whole plate back on:
And finally attach the Atlas focuser:


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