Saturday, September 8, 2012

And now everything together

So, I finally put everything together:
  • balanced my scope
  • used the skyglow filter
  • used PHD (I can now do 4 min exposure times and have less then 10% failures!)
  • alignment, calibration and polar alignment with the reticle lens (though I still haven't tried/done the drift polar alignment)
  • finally cleaned out scope and camera
And the result is pretty good:

I also tried longer exposures with M57, they are better then the ones I had before, but not as good:

What's not so good:
  • the dew shield does not warm up anymore
  • I am still getting a number of "No Response 16/17" error messages. Checked the Celestron website and found some tips what to try. I'll do that when I come back from my trip.
To take photos without the scope, I bought an ultra-wide angle zoom. I'll take that with me on my trip (and also my tripod). I hope to take some wide angle shops when I'm in Zuerich (I hope that I can go on top of my hotel at night!)

And I was fed up with the process of taking flats at dusk or dawn and ordered an EL panel that will allow me to take flats anytime I want.