Sunday, September 2, 2012


I tried M27 again. And...

... I think this is a really neat picture:

And even blown up, it still looks good:

I even did some basic post processing in Nebulosity myself...

A couple of observations tonight:
  1. Aligning / Calibrating is just WAY easier with the starfinder then a finderscope. I ended up taping(!!) the starfinder to the telescope to get it done. I need to find a way to get both onto the telescope.
  2. The stripes that I saw yesterday, I could also see today. I think the scope has some issues when it has to go through the zenith. When I made the telescope go to M27 again, it slewed all the way around.
  3. I could easily do 2 min exposure time!
  4. I wanted to use the starfinder for guiding, but suddenly the computer could not work with it anymore (although it worked during the day).