Monday, September 24, 2012

Broken mount :-(

After I got more and more "No Response 16" and "No Response 17" errors, my mount finally broke completely. In dec, it slews immediately at full speed (i.e. no gradual acceleration or slow down). And as a result, it completely over slews. It's impossible to align. Send a note to Celestron support, but didn't hear anything yet (will call them tomorrow).

So, I do all kinds of other stuff. Today, I played with the flatfield panel for taking flats. That will be SO much easier to take flats (even when I change my mind in the middle of the night and change the setup). And I don't have to play with exposure times anymore, but they are fixed now:

 ISO 400  1600  5000 
2x Barlow  1/3 1/13  1/50 
T-adapter   1/20  1/80  1/250
T-adapter + Focal Reducer  1/30 1/125   1/400
T-adapter + LPR Filter  1/13 1/50  1/160 
T-adapter + Focal Reducer + LPR Filter  1/20  1/80  1/250