Thursday, October 25, 2012

A lot of replacements

So, today and yesterday I took care of all my equipment that doesn't work that well:

  • The 2x Powermate: the threading seems to be messed up. I can't thread in my filter. Today, I went to Orion and we tried it with other 2" filters - same result :-( Contacted High-Point Scientific - they are sending a replacement.
  • The heated dew shield - I blew several fuses. There seems to be a short circuit. High-Point Scientific will also sending a replacement for that.
  • The Celestron PowerTank doesn't recharge completely anymore. Contacted Celestron - they are sending a replacement. And I don't even have to send the existing one back.
So, at least I am getting great customer service. The good news is that I can still observe and take photos!

Forecast for tonight: clear skies! After dinner with my team, I'll try to go outside.

Today, I heard about MaxPoint. Automated alignment - including polar alignment! That sounds almost to good to be true.

And tomorrow AIC 2012 starts! Can't wait - especially the workshops on Friday!