Sunday, October 7, 2012

SJAA's Imaging SIG

Saturday, I went to an evening event with San Jose Astronomical Association's Imaging Special Interest Group (SIG) - theme "CCD Imaging for beginners".

It was great to see some folks setting up their scopes and how they are doing it. A couple of learnings:
  • most folks apparently balance their scopes heavier on one side for imaging
  • drift alignment isn't as hard as I thought (once you see it in person)
  • my whole setup (mount, scope, accessories) is pretty much what others have, i.e. I should be able to get lots out of it before I will feel the need to update
Afterwards, I looked more into what the SJAA does and found out that we will have the Advanced Imaging Conference in a few weeks in Santa Clara. With lots of interesting workshops on focusing, processing... Signed up for that one as well.

... and on Tuesday my new scope will finally arrive. Can't wait!!!