Sunday, October 14, 2012

First pictures with new scope

Last night it finally cleared up and I could try out the new scope. First, an easy target: M27


Compare this to the pictures that I took in September - these are indeed better.

I then tried two other targets:



The problem with the latter 2 was that in both cases my laptop decided to go to sleep mode after 30 mins or so. That's why both objects are not too bright and why there is lots of noise in the picture.

I used the electric focuser from JMI for the first time. It's amazing how easy focusing is. The only problem is that the focuser motor uses a lot of space and I can't rotate my camera anymore. Next, I need to try out how to focus automatically. I also used the Aurora flatfield panels for the first time - what a breeze to take flats!!! And also dark flats: I just turn the panels off, but leave them on top of the scope. Nice!!!

Also, I ordered a Tele Vue Powermate 2x to shoot photos from smaller objects and also counterweights, so that I don't have to move my scope all the way to the back of the dovetail (and it's still not in balance).