Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Updating Pixinsight to

I received an email about a new Pixinsight tutorial from Juan Conejero : Deconvolution and Noise Reduction Example with M81 and M82. It's a different approach to process the luminance layer.
I wanted to try it out, but there was a tool mentioned (MultiscaleLinearTransformation) that I could not find - it was added in the recently released release I checked updates - nothing.
Then I checked my update settings and noticed that one of the URL's was an https URL. I changed it to http and now Pixinsight found several updates. I downloaded and installed all updates. But even after that I couldn't find it.
I went back to the announcement post and found out that you had to install this update not through the updater, but by downloading it, deleting the current version of Pixinsight and then installing the new version. Even though this is just a bug fix/update release. Not even a major release!

... isn't that what we built updaters for??!!