Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Using Google Drive for all astro images

When I asked on the SGPro mailing list about copying/syncing configs between two computers, somebody mentioned that in the next main release you can specify where to store/read the config settings. And with that, you can store them on Dropbox or Google Drive for automatic syncing. I will never image from both computers at the same time, so the ability to image from one and then pick up changes from the other is perfect.

I was thinking about this some more and actually really like the idea of using Google Drive for this:
  • I will still use local storage speed for writing images to disk
  • The will get automatically synced in the background and in the morning they are available on my Laptop locally
  • They are automatically backed up
  • I can share individual images (just via a URL). Either on Astrobin where you can link to the original FITS/TIFF file of an image (check the Crescent Nebula page under "Link to TIFF/FITS". Or sometimes when I have questions about something I want to send a file link around. This will make it way easier (e.g. the stacked images for my Rosetta Nebula image)
And from a recent (internal) promo, I have 1TB(!!) storage space on Google Drive!

I first set my imaging location in SGPro to the Google Drive folder. Then I checked CCDAP - it also has a setting where to write images and I set that to Google Drive as well. Next, I checked TheSkyX and it seems to have on entire tree (for images, guide images, config settings...) that gets stored under a fixed location (Documents\Software Bisque\TheSky Professional Edition). I asked on the mailing list if this can be adjusted.

Finally, I moved all my images from my local drive to Google Drive. Well, I started this a few hours back - it will take a while* to sync all those images first from my laptop to Google Drive - and then back to the NUC...

But know where everything is setup, I can see that the NUC stores a newly capture image and less then a minute later it is on my other laptop. That's a great setup!

* It actually took more then a week to move the 500 GB around!