Saturday, September 26, 2015

LDN 1235 - The Dark Shark Nebula

(click on image for full resolution)

This is 5+hours of data (100min Luminance at 1x1, 75min RGB each at 2x2). This nebula is a mix of reflection (the blue tint), Extended Red Emission (the reddish ares) and dark nebulae. But I think for these dark nebulae with structures you need more data. Still there is a lot of detail here - including the blue hue around HD 210806 in the lower left corner.

Processing was tricky - had to be very careful with my CurvesTransformation to make sure that by lowering dark areas, I won't loose too much detail in the nebula. And also when stretching the nebula, no to brighten the background.

As an experiment, I tried to reduce the stars to make the nebula more prominent (using this great tutorial)

The nebula is indeed more prominent, but it looks weird that there aren't any "mid size" stars.

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