Sunday, September 13, 2015

M33 (Triangulum Galaxy) - Now and three years ago

I imaged M33 - the triangulum galaxy. I needed quite a lot of data (15.5) hours, but it turned out surprisingly well:
(click image for full resolution)

As always when imaging from our backyard, I didn't take any Luminance frames but just RGB (all binned 1x1). Framing JUST worked with the small sensor of the MLx694 camera. I chose my new processing steps:
  1. Gradient removal (using DynamicBackgroundExtraction)
  2. Color Correction (using BackgroundNeutralization and ColorCalibration)
  3. Noise Reduction (using MultiscaleLinearTransformation)
  4. Stretching (HistogramTransformation)
  5. Bringing out faint outer details (using LocalHistogramEqualization)
  6. Bringing out details in the core (using LocalHistogramEqualization)
  7. Sharpening (using AtrousWaveletTransform)
  8. Final adjustments (colors, lightness and saturation) using CurvesTransformation
I like the result a lot!

Almost exactly three years ago, I imaged the same galaxy. At that time with my first scope (Celestrono Nexstar 6SE) and my Nikon D7000. This was the image that I took back then (8x4min):

More data, better equipment and more experience seem to pay off :-)

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