Sunday, September 27, 2015

SH2-155 - The Cave Nebula

(click image for full resolution)

This image actually contains three nebulae:
  1. SH2-155 (The Cave Nebula) - the bright, red wavefront on the right (discovered by Stewart Sharpless in 1959)
  2. LDN 1215 - the dark nebula on the left (discovered by Beverly T. Lynds in 1962)
  3. VDB 155 - the emission nebula in the upper left corner (discovered by Sidney van den Bergh in 1966)
The whole complex is 2,400 light years away from earth - the dark cavernous are of the cave nebula is 35 light years in diameter.

My field of view is "just" working to get these three objects together - a little more area around it would work good.

With my usual imaging length (10xLuminance, 600sec at 1x1 plus 10xRGB, 450sec at 2x2) I captured quite some detail in the cave itself:

Though at some point in the future, I might take more luminance data to refine this more.

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