Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weird Lodestar drive message "Beta release has expired."

After I setup the new NUC for the TOA-130 scope, I got a weird message when I tried to connect the Lodestar X2 via Ascom:

""Beta release has expired. Please update your driver"

I received this message both in PHD2 and SequenceGenerator. After clicking the message away, everything seemed to work fine though ...

As always, I tried restarting, re-installing ... - always with the same results. Posted on the sx mailing list.

When I went back to the download page from Bret McKee, I noticed that there are two drivers. A version 6 beta driver and a version 5 production driver. Initially, I used the v6 beta driver. When I downloaded the version 5 driver and installed that (after uninstalling the v6 driver) everything seems to work fine ...

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