Monday, May 1, 2017

Eclipse Imaging at OSP

After thinking and reading a lot, I decided to image the solar eclipse in 4-5 (automated!!!) ways. One of the main goals was that I could set everything up in advance and then just let it run, so that I can just enjoy the eclipse itself.

1. Individual Images of the Eclipse
  • TOA-130 scope on Mach1 mount with my Nikon D7000*
  • Controlled by Eclipse Orchestrator
  • Nikon D750 with 14-24mm lens
  • Maybe on slider
  • Controlled by qDSLRDashboard
  • Nikon KeyMission 360 on Manfretto Tripod
  • Just shoot - no control
  • Mavic Drone high up (390 ft)
  • Fly Drone up, start video / images, forget about it, let it land automatically when batteries get low
There is still a lot to figure out for each of these. With 2 months before we are leaving on vacation, I don't have too much time to plan for all of this...

* I had to use the D7000 for this as Eclipse Orchestrator does not support the D750 camera.

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