Friday, July 27, 2012

First photo shooting on the beach

Read more about astrophotography. By surfing for some programs/equipment I found a GPS for the Nexstar that sets location and time automatically - ordered that!
Then I was reading more about taking photos through the telescope and read about focal reducers. Ordered one for the Nexstar - hopefully that will improve my pictures.

Took the camera out to the beach at 10pm. I used the 50mm f1.4 lens. Boy! what a difference it makes not to have all the city lights!!!

But I’m still struggling with all the settings that I have to adjust. First, I forgot to set the lens to manual focus (and was wondering why on some images there were no stars and on others there were). Then I realized that I took the first set of the big dipper with ISO 100.
Also, it was surprising to see how little of the sky the 50mm lens takes. I was afraid that it would span WAY too much. But I can’t even get the entire big dipper or swan on the photo.

And I took some photos with automatic dark correction and some without to try it out. But I should probably take the same set with and without to really compare the effect (vs. taking a separate set of darks and correct afterwards).

  1. Big Dipper - ISO 100 - With Long Exposure dark correction
  2. Deneb - ISO 400 - With Long Exposure dark correction
  3. Altair - ISO 400 - Without Long Exposure dark correction

I also took a movie of the moon to try to stack moon “pictures”. Let’s see how that works.
And then I took some random pictures (not to be stacked or such) - some of them actually look very nice!

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