Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stacking with DeepSkyStacker rocks!

I’ll try to stack my images in the various image processing programs. I’ll stack all 5 series, both with and without the dark frames. That’s 10 series per program...

1. DeepSkyStacker:

Super easy!

  • Deneb (ISO6400) - nothing of the milky way, lots of stars, unfortunately there are some trails
  • Deneb (ISO1600) - significantly less stars (though the overall shutter speed was the same)

2. Nebulosity
  • Can’t use the image acquisition stuff because it doesn’t support Nikon :-(
  • A little more manual then DSS, but still OK - but only if the result is significantly better then DDS
  • By default it does not deal with rotation (which my telescope somehow introduced last night) - makes stacking a little more manual (needs marking 2 stars instead of one)

Tried various image acquisition software, but they all can’t connect to the Nikon: DSLR Shutter, Maxim DL, Nebulosity can’t deal with Nikon (many softwares can only deal with Canon but not with Nikon :-(

Also tried Maxim DL for post processing, but it seems to have a completely different approach (all others have the approach to start with lights, darks... and then go from there). Not sure if I want to try it further.

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