Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying to figure out post-processing

Tried to understand PixInsight - not much progress.

Mailed the digital_astro mailing list about help. Somebody pointed me to the “DSL Astro Image Processing mailing list” - exactly what I was looking for. Also, seems as if others can do all their image acquisition and picture processing with a laptop. So, I might go for the Samsung Series 7 (have to explain this to Beth).

In the evening, I made some pictures of the big dipper (5s and 10s) - just camera on the new ball head. I should use these for practicing, but I’m really tired (the last 2 nights I got to bed at 2!) On the other side, using the (overpriced) Nikon Camera Remote Control Pro 2 seems to be awesome. I could bracket some pictures to find out ISO and exposure time (unfortunately, it only allows for 3 bracket photos) and then take up to 9 individual pictures automatically. What’s mostly in the way of doing this smoother is my MacBook Pro - with the browser (and all my crazy tabs) open and NCRCP and Nikon ViewNX (it can load the .nef files MUCH faster then the Mac Viewer), it’s constantly swapping. I think it’s really time to get a better laptop for this.

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