Monday, July 23, 2012

Trying out ImagePlus

Got my demo version of ImagePlus. I like the approach for post-processing: set everything up (as with the other programs, default parameters pretty much work). And then let it run through all the steps to final, combined image. Way less manual intervention. But the resulting image doesn’t seem to be as convincing as the ones from DSS or Nebulosity.

Also, I could easily connect my camera to ImagePlus (connect, live view). Trying to figure out how to control it now. It’d be awesome to have a proper control program that takes care of all the images, breaks... Unfortunately, ImagePlus crashes A LOT! I can connect (most of the time). I can do basic things like “Live View” or even focus. But when I try to take a photo, download it … it throws at least an error message or crashes and I have to re-establish the connection.

I purchased a DSUBS cable - several of the camera control/image acquisition programs seem to need that for connecting to the camera.

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