Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First movie stacking experience

Spend a lot of time looking for better webcam solutions. Found the NexImage from Celestron and a whole range of others that are medium to expensive. But then I found someone who had the same problem that I had (can’t convert .mov files from the Nikon D7000 to process it with RegiStax). He found that Canon’s ImageBrowser works for Nikon .mov files too and converts a movie to a series of jpg images. Wanted to try it out, but to download it, I have to enter a serial number from a Canon camera. Will try that with my old Canon Rebel at home.

I also found the web site from Robert Reeves and his book Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography - unfortunately, it’s not available on Google Play :-(

Started to play with DSLR Shutter and my new DSUBS cable. Simple and sweet - I think this is great. At least for the beginning. Maybe at some point I need something more complicated. I should try this later this week

Earlier today, I found out how I could process my movies with RegiStax or AviStack:

  1. Create a .avi file with MPEG Streamclip - this can be handled by RegiStax
  2. From the .avi file, create individual images with the Canon ImageBrowser - this can be handled by AviStack

So, tonight, I shot a 2 min video from the full moon. Somehow, these images were not overexposed at all, but looked perfectly.

Import and pre-processing was easy (after the conversion to the .avi file). Unfortunately, the tutorial that I found is for an earlier version and doesn’t apply anymore. This one is for RegiStax6  - will try it out tomorrow for a better result.

Pointed Avistack to the folder with all the individual images that ImageBrowser created and then pressed “Batch Processing”... boy, and then it takes a LOOOONG time. My computer went to sleep over it...