Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The cullimation eyepiece sucks

Today, I wanted to see if I can eliminate the strange rings that I sometimes get by collimating my scope. Of course, I used the Celestron collimation eyepiece that I recently bought. It seemed as if my scope was completely out of whack! Took me a while to collimate it. But when I was done, I realized that I could not focus at all anymore! And then I realized that the eyepiece does not sit snug, but can wiggle around. And that of course throws the whole collimation over board. And now I had to try to undo it...

But at least I could figure out what was wrong with DSRL Shutter: I have to set the camera to BULB and to "M up". And in DSLR Shutter I have to use the "AF during exosure (D200)" setting. Then it works!

When I then went back outside, I had (again) problems to calibrate my mount. I tried several times (always the 3 star alignment method). Sometimes, it could not resolve it. Sometimes it did, but then it was either completely in the wrong position when I tried to point it to a star. Or it would think that I'm in the southern hemisphere. This seems to have gotten worse with the GPS device. I should check where the scope thinks I am.

But worst of all: with all these problems, I couldn't take any pictures :-(