Saturday, August 25, 2012

Overcast :-(

I managed to setup the Orion Autoguider, adjust it and setup the Starshoot camera. Connected the camera to PlanCap and to PHD - both worked! Tonight, I'll play with PHD and see if I can set it up. It won't help me much with my current mount, but on Monday I'll get my equatorial mount!!!

I probably want to get an eyepiece with a reticle for better star allocation. Orion has a 12.5mm and a 20mm version. Will play with different eyepieces tonight to check if the 12.5 reduces the field too much.

And I started reading up what others did for their cable mess, I have now 6 cables on my telescope (autoguide, starshoot USB, dew heater, camera USB, camera LSUBS, camera power). It'd be nice to get them a little bit more ordered.

... and it is overcast tonight! It's never overcast here :-( Well, seems I have to wait until tomorrow night then ...