Sunday, August 5, 2012

More gadgets

Spent my weekend to process all pictures that I made as good as possible:

And I bought a lot of stuff:

  • New T-adapter and Nikon T-ring (yes, the old one is broken),
  • a tele-extender and another Nikon T-ring (for eyepiece projection photography),
  • a case for the telescope (really can’t wait to go to Dr. Statti next time!),
  • a Bahtinov mask,
  • a heated dew shield + DC adapter (it’ll also help with keeping all the other light out), and
  • a collimation eyepiece

None of these will improve my skills (or lack thereof) of post-processing my images. But they should improve the images that I take.

Reading more about post processing, there is just so much to learn and read - not 2 instructions or tutorials seem to have anything in common. But the more I read, the more Photoshop seems to be the tool that many people use and also many tutorials are out there (this seems to be an amazing collection of tutorial!) I’ll probably try it out. But will wait until I have a few more great pics.