Sunday, June 7, 2015

Getting out faint details of galaxies - from my light polluted backyard.

This spring, I tried imaging galaxies again. And with lots of imaging time (30-50 hours), I get a decent image with even some faint details. But when I process these, I always loose a lot - mostly when fighting with the noisy background.

Two examples:


HaRGB image (after DBE, BackgroundNeutralization, ColorCorrection):

And after processing


RGB image (again, after DBE, BackgroundNeutralization, ColorCorrection):

And after processing:

I am pretty happy with the background, the stars and the galaxy details itself. Just that I lost a lot of the faint outer details.

My process here is:
  1. TGVDenoise
  2. MaskedStretch
  3. Further stretch with HistogramTransformation
  4. ACDNR (I usually have some blobs left from TGVDenoise)
  5. HDRMultiscaleTransform (to bring out some of the inner details)
  6. CurvesTransformation

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