Sunday, June 21, 2015

Paramount MyT - Day 8 - NUC issues (??!!), Running on battery, figured out "recal portable" issue!

I have the 12V->48V converter, connected it to Anderson poles and will try to run my mount off a 12V battery tonight
<image of battery, converter, plug>

When I started TSX, I tried using "recal portable" again - and this time it worked!!! And then it dawned on me: today, I had to install some Windows updates and restarted my computer. For that, I properly shutdown TSX. And apparenly, TSX stores a lot of state on shutdown!!! (Richard later confirmed that!) But after most nights, I just unplugged the NUC and didn't shutdown TSX and/or Windows.

I wanted to work more on my polar alignment issues from last night. I made sure to tighten all screws, tightened the cabling, And then did a good polar alignment (<1 arcsec error). I wanted to try the Lodestar guider to see if that makes a difference. But it's apparently hosed (couldn't get it reliably to work). So, I switched back to the Atik camera.

But when I tried to record tracking accuracy, clouds rolled in :-(

In other news: the mount still disconnected once. My guess is that the NUC has USB connection issues. Will try tomorrow to use my laptop. That's also good prep for the star party (want to use the laptop there - and not the

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