Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Paramount MyT - Day 6 - Recal Portable

I wanted to try another unguided imaging. First, I needed to recalibrate the model. As our two dogs tend to bump into the mount during the day, my polar alignment is usually off. So, I was using the "Recalibrate Portable Telescope" option. Took a model of 20 points, then tried to do an accurate polar alignment, but got an error message that I haven't built a super model yet <need exact error message>! Weird, I don't think I should build another model, but that the recalibration just helps to calibrate the existing model again.

Tried this a couple of times - always with the same results. Finally gave up and built a new super model.

With this I tried to do more unguided imaging, this time on M27:

And zoomed in:

Again, pretty good guiding - but M27 wasn't centered at all. I guess it'd be great if I could use the "center" routine in SGPro - without impacting my TPoint model.

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