Monday, May 1, 2017

Eclipse Imaging #3 Ultra-wide angle Timelapse

Of course I want to take a timelapse of the event. And what better equipment then:

  • Nikon D750 and the 14-24mm lens
  • qDSLRDashboard (Holy Grail mode) + Intervallometer
  • On top of Really Right Stuff tripod
A couple of things to figure out:
  • The totality will last for 1min 28sec. In order to get a good timelapse, I need to take images every 5 seconds. Which means that the shutter speed can't exceed 3 seconds! Is that enough for the light during totality (I can ramp up ISO!)
  • The brightness will change before/after totality MUCH faster then at sunset/sunrise. Should I take the average of 2 images or just the last image for adjustment?
  • Can I use (again) a cable to control the camera, or do I need to control via Wi-Fi (sucks up much more power...)
Setup will be fairly straightforward:
  • Mount and orient camera the day before (for perfect framing)
  • Focus as always
  • Configure qDSLRDashboard
  • Connect and start Intervallometer

Before leaving to OSP:
  • Buy fresh AAA batteries for intervallometer
  • Try Auto setting for eclipse-like event (bright-dark-bright) - simulate with putting something in front of lens
  • Can I set qDSLRdashboard to use only 2 frames or even only 1 frame to determine new exposure/ISO?
  • Estimate max ISO / Exposure time (sent an email to the SEML group). With that, calculate the time and number of images to take and test if it can be done with one battery or if I need to buy a second grip for a second battery (my other one will be used with the Nikon D7000).
At OSP before August 21:
  • Setup tripod, check out framing, decide if I want to use slider or not (interesting object in foreground?)
  • Recharge slider the night before!
On August 21:
  • Setup camera
    • Frame
    • Focus
    • Fresh batteries into intervallometer
    • Fresh batteries into camera - attach grip with second fresh battery
  • Start qDSLRDashboard
    • Set Auto (both directions!!!)
    • Set level
    • Set max ISO=XXX max exposure time=XXX
  • Start intervallometer
    • Every XXX seconds

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